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Spooky Yoga

With Halloween last night it’s always fun to get in the spooky spirit and be a little creative when doing kids yoga.  On Friday during my kids classes I asked everyone to come up with a yoga posture that could be a Halloween pose.   Of course childrens creativity is always flowing and the response and fun we had was incredible.  Some children came up with postures that were brand new. For example little A wanted to be a jumping witch, so we hoped on one foot as we challenged our balance and stability.  Some children used yoga postures they were familiar with and put a new name to them. For savasana (corpse pose, or as the preschoolers call it “sleeping star”) K decided that we would spread our legs a little farther apart, reach our arms above head placing the hands together, and ta da……we are broomsticks!  Try it out with your kids…….maybe they will then clean your floors for you 😉

You could be a spooky black yoga cat by coming onto your hands and knees then arching your back as you look towards your belly button or knees. Meoowww!

Another creative posture I really liked was a pumpkin.  Laying down on your back hug your knees into your chest.  Wrap your arms around the outside of your legs and place your hands together in prayer pose on the top of your shins (this is the stem of your pumpkin).

Here is my little Yoda…..we are still trying to come up with an appropriate yoga posture!


Yogic Road Tripping

Heading out on the road this summer with the kids and looking for some fun music that will uplift will bringing calmness and serenity to your family? Want something that will make you feel good while listening to the continuous “are we there yet?!” Actually, if you are practicing some of this car yoga, you may end some of the famous “are we there yet” questions.

Check out this fantastic playlist that has some of my favourite yoga music and tunes we use in our kids yoga classes!

Get Your Yoga On….At the Park!

Heading to the park with the kiddies and enjoying the warm summer?  Head on over to Tools for Schools and check out  my post on a fun yoga game that gets all the kids involved, moving and having fun!


Top Ten Reasons To Practice Yoga In Pregnancy

1. Ease symptons such as morning sickness, backaches, shortness of breathe and fatigued limbs in a safe manner.  Reduce leg swelling and insomnia.

2. Celebrate the life of your child in a calming way that centers your mind, body and spirit.

3. Prepare your body for the adjustments and adaptations the body will make throughout the pregnancy.

4. Take time out for yourself. We get so busy at work, other family events and preparing for the birth of the child that we sometimes forget about ourselves. Celebrate YOU!

5. Maintaining an active lifestyle during pregnancy can create a faster post partum recovery.

6.  Meet women who are pregnant and preparing for their birth, just like you! Who know’s you may just make a new best friend or have future playdates for your little one.

7. Centre your mind,body and spirit as you prepare for the birth of your child. Your mind-body connection will assist you throughout the labouring process.

8. Become more in tune with your body.  Individuals who understand their body have found the pushing process of labour to go faster.

9.  Prepare for the labour and birth of your child by opening your hips, using meditation and calming breathing techniques.

10. You deserve this class and so does your child!

Car Yoga

Schools out and summer holidays are here. Along with this comes day camp, sleeping in and of course summer vacations!  As parents at times we need a vacation to recover from the vacation we just had with our family. The list making of what to bring, the packing of suitcases, bringing food along for the drive, packing games and activities for the car and making sure pets are taken care of while you are away and the mail brought in, is just the beginning preparation of getting away as a family.  My husband and I, being new parents, just took our first family vacation.  The amount of stuff we had to bring with an infant and the two of us was out of this world!  You can read about our journey at http://namastemommy.wordpress.com

If you have a long car ride ahead you may be a little worried about the possible endless “are we there yet?” requests.  Why not do a little yoga in the car to calm your own nerves while having fun with the kids piled in the back of the van?

1)      Tense & Relax- tighten up your whole body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Scrunch up your faces while you do it and see who has the funniest face! Then relax your whole body, becoming limp like a piece of cooked spaghetti. Relax your cheeks, mouth, shoulders, arms, etc.

2)      Visualization- Take a look out your window and find a tree that catches your attention. Maybe it was the tallest one you saw, shortest one, had many leaves, large branches, etc. Then close your eyes and visualize that tree in your mind. Can you remember what the branches looked like? Was the tree was blowing in the wind or standing still? Was the tree close to the road or farther away in a field?

3)      Cooling Breath- feeling a little overheated while in the car full of your luggage and your kids? Kids complaining that their sibling is looking at them or has happened to touch them (gasp!) Take time out to chill your mind and bring down your internal body heat with this cooling breathe. Stick out your tongue (not at each other!) and roll it to mimic a drinking straw. Slowly inhale through your “straw”, feeling the air become cool as it travels over your tongue and down into your body. Exhale through your nose. Continue to inhale through your “straw” and exhale through your nose until everybody in the car is laughing and enjoying the car ride together. Well, for now anyways



Yummy Yin Yoga

Tired of running through your days from the moment you wake up to the moment you finally get to lay in your bed late in the evening? Finding it a challenge to nurture your body and let go of any mental, emotional and physical sensations which may be arising within your body? Are you an avid participant in many yang activities such as running, group fitness classes, running after your toddler, and rushing through most of your daily activities? If you answered yes to any of the above then your mind, body and spirit will THANK YOU for taking time out for yin yoga.
Yin yoga incorporates yoga postures held for long periods of time in a relaxed manner that stretches the deep connective tissues within the body. This is unlike many yang forms of yoga (power, ashtanga, etc.) that is muscular movement in nature, bringing forth strength and power.  Yin yoga is always practiced with the muscles in a relaxed manner enabling the connective tissue to gradually release stress and tension over time.  While practicing yin yoga the student begins to tune into sensations which are arising in the body and to release any thoughts which may be holding you back in each movement. The more one learns to let go physically, emotionally and mentally in a posture the more stress and tension will begin to melt away.  Each posture in a yin class is held for approximately 3-5 minutes in length in a very relaxed manner, remembering to always respect your body and moving into each posture only as far as the body wishes to that day. Yin yoga is as much a mental practice as it is physical.  Remaining in a posture for 3-5  minutes can be quite challenging for most of us who spend our days moving from one activity to the next.  Taking a mental and physical time-out may seem foreign to some, which brings forth fidgeting and movement while relaxing in a yin posture.  The mind is then challenged to become still as you let go of any thoughts and relax the body fully into the posture.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our Yin Yoga classes soon. What are you waiting for? Relax, restore and relieve the mind, body and spirit of any tension and stress.

Your Soul Matters, Oh Yes It Does!

I would like to welcome Sue Fay from Soul Matters, our Friday Entrepreneurial Feature.  Soul Matters is located in Old Ottawa South at Bank & Sunnyside. I invite you to visit this true gem of a store the next time you are in the area. There is a wonderful array of children & adult books, teas, incense, gems, music & much more! A great compliment to the wellness therapies and events they offer.

The philosophy of Soul Matters is to encourage “wellness from within”.  We are here to help “awaken the senses, soothe the spirit, inspire the soul and educate the heart”.

Soul Matters is more than a boutique, it is a place of community that offers its customers the opportunity to either begin or continue on their journey of self- awakening and inner happiness. As we journey within, it is also important to look outside ourselves and become more aware of our local, national and global effect. With this in mind, we offer products that are eco-conscious and fair trade. Our collection ranges from tree-free greeting cards, fair trade wisdom banners and Numi tea to Respecterre bamboo clothing, crystal healing jewellery and Zen Alarm Clocks.   We carry  product lines that are handmade here in Canada as well as imports from fair trade companies around the world.

A unique feature of Soul Matters is the team of healing practitioners who visit our boutique to offer services such as Personal Life Coaching, Registered Massage Therapy, Medical Massage, CranioSacral Therapy, Reflexology, Nutritional Counselling, Reiki, Clairvoyance and Mediumship, Energy Healing, Intuitive Counseling and Mentorship. 

At Soul Matters we also have monthly workshops and seminars that help educate, and inspire the community to learn new skills or challenge old habits on their journey.  We also have Soul Circle Café run by Diane Merpaw, which brings together a community of like-minded individuals which opens up a forum for them to be able to discuss relevant issues in what is considered to be the “New Age”.  We can discuss the latest book on Metaphysics, Health & Wellness or have a guest speaker – it is all designed around being interactive to generate participation and learning.  Soul Matters continues to lead and offer unique and alternative solutions to all levels of the communities health and wellness, regardless of age.  If you are making in a decision making process of how to choose the direction in your life, Soul Matters is there to either offer guidance, support or resources.

Please feel free to visit our website at www.soulmatters.ca which has our calendar of events or drop in at 1093 Bank St. (corner of Bank & Sunnyside), Ottawa, Ontario K1S 3X4