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Relax & Drive

Heading out on a family car ride and looking for a great playlist that will calm your nerves, enjoyed by you and the kids?  Check out the latest playlist I have created for my car and hope you enjoy it too!



It “Otay”, Just Relax, I start again next week


I shared this post a while ago on my other blog site and as I start my mat leave and will no longer be sharing everyday with this little cutie as his caregiver I thought it was appropriate to share again….
This is what child #2 said to me this week as we have been working on toilet training and he has continued to have “accident” after “accident” of bowel movements. He is trying so hard and is only 2 and seems to be well on his way. He is eager to do it but gets too busy playing and then says its too late. After cleaning poopy pants for the 5th time I was trying to stay calm but children can read our body language. He always knows when I am happy, sad, angry, etc. and he is not afraid to ask me. As I took his pants and underwear off to clean him up he looked up at me with his big innocent eyes and said “it otay manda, just relax, I start again next week”. All I could do was break out in a huge smile and give him a big and cuddly hug. Then the guilt hit of why don’t I just relax. This is not a big deal at all. Kids know what to say to make the world continue to spin around and make the days go by easier.

This got me thinking. How often as parents, caregivers, teachers, family members do we really take time to take a deep breathe and say its okay. I can relax. I can try that again. Kids have the greatest wisdom, its so down to earth and natural for them.

So, the next time you find yourself frazzled and need to let go or relax. Remember the famous words of a 2 year old “it otay, just relax, you can start again!”