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Spooky Yoga

With Halloween last night it’s always fun to get in the spooky spirit and be a little creative when doing kids yoga.  On Friday during my kids classes I asked everyone to come up with a yoga posture that could be a Halloween pose.   Of course childrens creativity is always flowing and the response and fun we had was incredible.  Some children came up with postures that were brand new. For example little A wanted to be a jumping witch, so we hoped on one foot as we challenged our balance and stability.  Some children used yoga postures they were familiar with and put a new name to them. For savasana (corpse pose, or as the preschoolers call it “sleeping star”) K decided that we would spread our legs a little farther apart, reach our arms above head placing the hands together, and ta da……we are broomsticks!  Try it out with your kids…….maybe they will then clean your floors for you 😉

You could be a spooky black yoga cat by coming onto your hands and knees then arching your back as you look towards your belly button or knees. Meoowww!

Another creative posture I really liked was a pumpkin.  Laying down on your back hug your knees into your chest.  Wrap your arms around the outside of your legs and place your hands together in prayer pose on the top of your shins (this is the stem of your pumpkin).

Here is my little Yoda…..we are still trying to come up with an appropriate yoga posture!


Little Lotus Yoga- bringing calm & relaxation to your child’s life

Hello to all Little Lotus Enthusiasts! I wanted to share with all our class design as I have many inquiries into our class design and what is incorporated into children’s yoga classes. The famous questions is always- How do you do yoga with 2 year olds!?

Tune In

We always begin with a tuning in to the class. The little one’s enjoy sharing their OM’s!

Sharing & Caring

This is a special time when the children are invited to share anything special that is happening in their lives and share how their heart feels. For the little one’s we usually hear MY HEART IS HAPPY today! I find the 6-12 year old yogi’s and yogini’s enjoy the supportive atmosphere to possibly share any areas of stress they had in their day (ie: test, disagreement with friend, sister, etc.)


Pranayama is the control of life force, which is our breath. Little Lotus 2-5 year olds share in balloon breathing, begin to understand that they can create breathe through noise and mouth, etc. Little Lotus 6-12 year olds begin alternate nostril breathing, deep abdominal breathing, cooling breath and others!


This is our posture practice time. Little Lotus 2-5 year olds enjoy imitating animals in various yoga asana (postures), including dogs, frogs, whales, cats, cows and more! Little Lotus 6-12 year olds may begin Sun Salutations and vinyasa flows (flowing movements from one posture to another) and more advanced postures.

Yoga off the Mat

This is an opportunity for participants to grow in an environmentally friendly and “green living” way. We share, talk about & design crafts about recycling, protecting trees and our responsibility to maintaining a safe and clean Earth. Younger yogi’s and yogini’s may share thoughts through various colouring in their journals, with older yogi’s and yogini’s sharing thoughts and emotions through pictures and written entries in their journals.


Students are encouraged to relax into savasana (corpse pose / starfish) for a final relaxation at the end of class. Story meditations are sometimes shared. Little Lotus 6-12 year old participants may also use this time to meditate on a positive thought (ie: I am brave, I share with others) they have chosen. Our class ends in a creative circle creating peace and serenity, sharing another round of OM’s and special good-bye’s until the following class!

We love to hear what you enjoy the most in any children’s or family yoga classes you have participated in. Feel free to share! Or, let us know what your little yogi likes to come home from class and share with you 🙂

Namaste ~Amanda