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Relax & Drive

Heading out on a family car ride and looking for a great playlist that will calm your nerves, enjoyed by you and the kids?  Check out the latest playlist I have created for my car and hope you enjoy it too!


Toned Arms for Summer Fun

A wonderful fellow Tools for Schools blogger and friend, Leslie Scott was asking on twitter ways she can tone her arms without always going to the gym and using free weights.  As I am sure many of us can relate working full time jobs, being full-time parents, partners and moving through life at what seems a break necking speed sometimes can be overwhelming. Through in trying to find time to exercise, incorporate proper nutrition and actually finish a load of laundry without it sitting in the washing machine soaking wet for days may seem daunting. 

I am here to show you ways you can get to die for toned arms, halter top ready, for the summer months. These yoga postures can be done in your living room during tv commercials, while at the park and the kids are running around, after a morning run, or any other time you happen to have a spare moment to breathe 😉

Yoga Journal ( provides great movement descriptions and pictures online. I recommend that you bookmark them for the next time you are looking for a quick stretch or movement to work a specific area of the body. You can use their sequence page to create sequences of movements and then print it off to add to your workout routine!

Below are my top 6 recommended movements to tone your arms as you prepare to put away the sweaters and embrace the summer weather.  Hold each movement for as long as you are comfortable doing so, but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. Most of the time it is our mind, not our body,  that tells us it has had enough of a certain movement because change and challenge can be hard mentally. Not only do these movements tone the arms, they also have many other benefits such as challenging the core (abdominals and back muscles).

1.  Dolphin Plank

2. Plank Pose

3. Side Plank Pose

4. Four-Limbed Staff Pose

5. Dolphin Pose

6. Upward Plank Pose

Once you become comfortable completing each movement on its owns then play with the movements flowing from one to another. An example of a flowing sequence may be moving from plank to side plank right side, back to plank and then side plank left side, plank, rolling over to upward plank pose, back to plank and four limbed staff pose 🙂

Remember to take time each day to breathe, and of course to tone your arms up for summer!


Yummy Yin Yoga

Tired of running through your days from the moment you wake up to the moment you finally get to lay in your bed late in the evening? Finding it a challenge to nurture your body and let go of any mental, emotional and physical sensations which may be arising within your body? Are you an avid participant in many yang activities such as running, group fitness classes, running after your toddler, and rushing through most of your daily activities? If you answered yes to any of the above then your mind, body and spirit will THANK YOU for taking time out for yin yoga.
Yin yoga incorporates yoga postures held for long periods of time in a relaxed manner that stretches the deep connective tissues within the body. This is unlike many yang forms of yoga (power, ashtanga, etc.) that is muscular movement in nature, bringing forth strength and power.  Yin yoga is always practiced with the muscles in a relaxed manner enabling the connective tissue to gradually release stress and tension over time.  While practicing yin yoga the student begins to tune into sensations which are arising in the body and to release any thoughts which may be holding you back in each movement. The more one learns to let go physically, emotionally and mentally in a posture the more stress and tension will begin to melt away.  Each posture in a yin class is held for approximately 3-5 minutes in length in a very relaxed manner, remembering to always respect your body and moving into each posture only as far as the body wishes to that day. Yin yoga is as much a mental practice as it is physical.  Remaining in a posture for 3-5  minutes can be quite challenging for most of us who spend our days moving from one activity to the next.  Taking a mental and physical time-out may seem foreign to some, which brings forth fidgeting and movement while relaxing in a yin posture.  The mind is then challenged to become still as you let go of any thoughts and relax the body fully into the posture.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our Yin Yoga classes soon. What are you waiting for? Relax, restore and relieve the mind, body and spirit of any tension and stress.

“May The Long Time Sun”

Each of our Little Lotus children’s yoga classes always incorporates some of the wonderful music by the amazing Snatam Kaur (  I was introduced to Snatam’s music a few years ago when I attended a concert in Ottawa hosted by the Rama Lotus Yoga Centre.  Her voice and music touched my soul and my heart poured open.  To hear our 2&3 year old class participants sing along to “May the Long Time Sun” at the end of each class with the lights turned down and relaxing on their mat is absolutely beautiful.

You may have heard your little yogi singing snippets of the song at home.  Here is a YouTube version for your viewing, watch as your Little Yogi’s face lights up with recognition and take time for a snuggle together!  I highly, highly recommend that you buy some of Snatam’s music as it will enrich your families life with peace, harmony and love.  Her music is available on her website, most yoga studio’s (Rama Lotus in Ottawa on Bank/Gladstone) and iTunes.