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Cloth Diapering 101

I am a huge advocate of cloth diapering and my lovely husband and I chose to cloth diaper our son.  We like the fact that he doesn’t have chemicals close to his skin, we are not filling landfills with dirty diaper after dirty diaper, we can re-use our diapers with our future children and the cost savings of not having to buy diapers every time we go to the grocery store has been an added bonus!

Here is a great article from @refashionista who has much experience cloth diapering her 3 boys and also works at the Extraordinary Baby Shoppe. If you haven’t had a chance to stop in to the Shoppe I highly recommend you do so the next time you are in Hintonburg.

In this article Refashionista details what cloth diapers she would put on her wish list if she was starting to cloth diaper! 

Check it out!


Homemade Diaper Balm

Thanks to @refashionista my baby boy has had a smooth bottom since we made her homemade diaper balm and used it the few times he has had a rash.  Thanks to cloth diapering we have not had anymore rashes since his first two weeks home where those who have  a babe know that they tend to have small nickel size bowel movements every time you change their diaper!

This diaper balm is extremely easy to use and yields quite a bit. We made it and have a large jar full of this wonderful balm!

Visit @refashionista’s site here to check out how to make your own at home!

Friday Entrepreneurial Feature- Vanessa Dewson

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Vanessa Dewson as our Featured Entrepreneur for this Friday!  Check out what Vanessa has to offer below…..

Vanessa Dewson is a professional portrait and wedding photographer, as well as a graphic designer. Living and breathing visual creativity and transforming what she sees into art is her passion. This includes capturing amazing and fleeting moments in her clients’ lives: a mother-to-be’s awe and wonder at the life growing in her belly; a curled up, precious newborn; a smiling, curious babe; a rambunctious toddler; a child’s growing wisdom and individuality; and all the intricate relationships of a family. Children grow up much too quickly, so whether it’s to remember the sweetness of a time when the world is a wonderful new place or the excitement of watching them begin to spread their wings, or even ensuring that special bond between a grandparent and a child is captured, photographs preserve our history like nothing else and can evoke such strong emotions linked to memory. Although most people own a digital camera, seeing your child or your family through the eyes of a professional photographer will not only ensure you all look your very best, it also allows the parent who is normally behind the lens to actually participate in the memory making instead of capturing it. Even if YOU don’t like to be in photographs, your children will cherish them! 
Vanessa also offers custom framing and gallery wraps (images printed on canvas and stretched on a frame like a painting). She encourages you to think beyond the pixels and the 8x10s by getting photographs off the computer and creating artwork for your walls. Make professional photography a part of your lives, plan and budget for it, and you will soon realize just how priceless the results are. Visit to view her portfolio and for more information on pricing or contact Vanessa directly at or 613-859-9584 . You can even set up a free in-home consultation that includes pre-planning a shoot (choice of clothing, colours and location) so the end result is artwork that suits your home décor.

Yogic Road Tripping

Heading out on the road this summer with the kids and looking for some fun music that will uplift will bringing calmness and serenity to your family? Want something that will make you feel good while listening to the continuous “are we there yet?!” Actually, if you are practicing some of this car yoga, you may end some of the famous “are we there yet” questions.

Check out this fantastic playlist that has some of my favourite yoga music and tunes we use in our kids yoga classes!

Get Your Yoga On….At the Park!

Heading to the park with the kiddies and enjoying the warm summer?  Head on over to Tools for Schools and check out  my post on a fun yoga game that gets all the kids involved, moving and having fun!