Friday Feature- Mathieu Fleury

I would like to welcome Mathieu Fleury, our Friday Feature.  Mathieu is currently running for Ottawa Council and would love to share with you his platform and a little bit about himself. 

About Mathieu Fleury


Mathieu Fleury was born and raised in Ottawa.  He grew up in the Sandy Hill and Lowertown where he attended both elementary and post-secondary school. As the only child, Mathieu learned to become an active member in his community at a young age.  He was involved in many sports including hockey, baseball, and swimming. He attended camps at Le Patro d’Ottawa and learned to excel in swimming at the Lowertown Pool, where he later became a certified lifeguard for the City of Ottawa. Mathieu soon realized that it was not only important to know your community, but to serve it as well. He has volunteered for the Sandy Hill Minor Hockey Association and Plant Recreation Centre and has over 10 years of work experience with the City of Ottawa in department of parks and recreation specifically in aquatics, children and family programming.

Mathieu currently holds a B.Sc. in Human Kinetics and a M.HK. in Sports Management from the University of Ottawa. His work experience includes organizations such as Diving Canada, Volleyball Canada and as well as the Office of Minister of State for Sport where he was in involved in sports policy and the 2010 Winter Olympic Games project. Mathieu has also volunteered for Baseball Canada’s Women National Baseball Team during the 2008 World Cup in Japan and as well as Canadian Olympic Committee during the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. Overall, his commitment in life is to lead by example and in helping others to embark on healthier, more active lives through both physical activity and improved nutrition.

Mathieu’s life work experience and qualifications includes lifesaving and aquatics, coach, mentor, instructor, community service, and city program operations and strategies.

Why Am I Running for Ottawa City Council (Rideau-Vanier Ward)?

Ottawa needs civic leaders who are active, dedicated, honest, and open to bringing new ideas to the community and city. I am such a person, one who is willing to help build on the very strong foundations of our communities and to engage in dialogue that will lead to making good and meaningful decisions for the future of Rideau-Vanier ward and the city at large.


My vision for Ottawa incorporates leadership and new ideas. I believe in being a part of the community, as well as serving it. I want to help foster growth, maintain safety, protect our environment and provide quality services and programs in order to help keep Rideau-Vanier community as the best place in Ottawa to live and to raise a family.

Most importantly, I believe we need to keep our communities healthy and diverse. We need to protect the services that are important to families, seniors and our children. We need safe streets, a strong local business environment and a municipal government that works in the best interests of its residents and addresses the needs of its citizens.

So on October 25th, I invite you to join me at the polls and to vote for change even if you don’t live in the Rideau-Vanier ward. Only through active participation in democracy can we ensure that government is reflecting the will of the people.

For more information on how you can get involved visit, send an e-mail to or call 613-600-VOTE (8683). Mathieu is always open to hear your ideas, thoughts and comments.


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