Home Inspections in Ottawa

I would like to welcome Ottawa Realtor Christiane Lafleur, our Friday Entrepreneurial Feature.  Christiane is an ambitious, hard working real estate professional who approaches her business with the same energy that she does her life. Christiane offers her clients a unique experience; one that is centered on their needs. Her bilingualism, real estate experience, superb negotiating skills, dedication to her job and clients, flexibility, and honest enable her to provide the level of service that her clients deserve.  Christiane is equipped with an easy-going attitude and a sense of humour, she goes above and beyond the call of duty for her clients.  She provide buyers and sellers with a positive, stress-free, and successful real estate experience. 

Little Lotus Yoga extends a warm welcome to Christiane Lafleur! Please see her blog post below…..

I would like to share with you a question that a client asked me last week regarding home inspections in Ottawa. Below you’ll find her email to me which is actually quite a commonly asked question – I thought I’d share since many of you may be asking yourself the same thing!?

Hi Christiane, I was talking to a friend about the process of buying a house and she mentioned that a house inspection is ALWAYS done after an offer is presented. Is this ALWAYS the case or can a buyer request an inspection before putting in an offer? Is this something you have seen before? And, is it NOT OK to go that route? Just thought I’d ask someone who may know the answer! Your help is much appreciated!

To be completely honest, in my opinion, it is best to do a home inspection in Ottawa BEFORE you put in an offer – many buyers get emotionally attached to their new potential home once the offer is negotiated and may pay less attention to issues if they arise during the inspection due to their emotional attachment.  Now having said that it is not very common for Buyers to proceed that way – the majority negotiate their terms, secure the home and THEN perform their home inspection. 

In today’s Sellers market many buyers are choosing to bring an inspector with them during their showing to avoid that condition alltogether when presenting their offer to the Seller. Since many offers are now in competition; bringing forward an offer with the least amount of conditions possible works in your best interest.  Overall it really depends on the Buyer, their motivation and the process they wish to take when Purchasing a home.

In my opinion if you are aware of issues with a certain home before putting in the offer it would be in your best interest to it BEFORE. You could save yourself a lot of time – yes it’s 400$ out of your pocket before you even know if you have the house; but at least you’d know what you were getting yourself into.

I’m always pleased to answer any questions in regards to home inspections in Ottawa or any other real estate related matters. For more detailed information about the Selling and Buying process feel free to visit my website anytime www.christianelafleur.com

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