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Stretch, Release & Relieve Muscle Tension With Your Baby

Check out our blog post for Best Tools For School for the busy mom & baby, looking for serenity, calmness & revitilization ūüôā¬† Take 5 minutes out of your day today to enjoy some yoga with your babe!


It “Otay”, Just Relax, I start again next week


I shared this post a while ago on my other blog site and as I start my mat leave and will no longer be sharing everyday with this little cutie¬†as his caregiver I thought it was appropriate to share again….
This is what child #2 said to me this week as we have been working¬†on toilet training and he has continued to have “accident” after “accident” of bowel movements. He is trying so hard and is only 2 and seems to be¬†well on his way. He is eager to do it but gets too busy playing and then says its too¬†late. After cleaning poopy¬†pants for the 5th time I was trying to stay calm but children can read our body language. He always knows when I am happy, sad, angry, etc. and he is not afraid to ask me. As I took his pants and underwear off to clean him up he looked up at me with his big innocent eyes and said “it otay¬†manda, just relax, I start again next week”. All I could do was break out in a huge smile and give him a big and cuddly hug. Then the guilt hit of why don’t I just relax. This is not a big deal at all. Kids know what to say to make the world continue to spin around and make the days go by easier.

This got me thinking. How often as parents, caregivers, teachers, family members do we really take time to take a deep breathe and say its okay. I can relax. I can try that again. Kids have the greatest wisdom, its so down to earth and natural for them.

So, the next time you find yourself frazzled and need to let go or relax. Remember the famous words of a 2 year old¬†“it otay, just relax, you can start again!”


Yummy Clothing

 As a busy mom you spend most of your day working, caring for your children, preparing meals, doing laundry, organizing playdates and activities, along with a hundred other small details which must be carried through to make sure your day is as smooth as possible. But do you feel comfortable, chic and yummy in the clothes you are wearing throughout the day? As a busy caregiver to two young, vibrant and busy children and a yoga and wellness instructor I know the importance of purchasing clothes that can be worn from the fitness room to the coffee shop, groceries, playdates, swim lessons and poopy diapers and spit up along the way. Needless to say not only do these clothes need to be appropriate for your day but easily washable and look good at all times! I am sharing with you my top must have clothing items for travelling, day to day wear and to the fitness or yoga studio.

1. Lululemon’s¬†Jesus pant. These come in spectacular colours, with Fall colours coming out very soon! Dress these pants up for a night on the town, to playgroup and to class!

2. TranquiliT wrap dress. Wrap it over your workout clothes and you are ready for the day! Wonderful fun dress that can be worn with heels for at night, or flip flops at the playground!

3. Lululemon Parachute Bag. Okay, have to admit weekends and night-time this bag is all about me. Inside are my car keys, make up bag, change of clothes after fitness class and ipod. Plus there is still room for all my books, planner and other items! Daytime this spacious bag turns fills up with pull ups, wipes, juice, water bottles, snacks upon snacks (at the end of everyday there are always goldfish crackers in the bottom somewhere) and other paraphernalia for swim lessons, gymnastics camp, and days at the wading pool. This bag can hold EVERYTHING and MORE!

 4. TranquiliT cardi shawl is an all in one master piece! Wear it soooo many fun and chic ways for various looks. Dress it up for evening, throw it on when you are chilled at your kids soccer game or snuggle in it with your little one. Fab colours available!

5. Okay, I am sure most people have this next article of clothing covered as I have seen them everywhere. If you don’t have a Lululemon¬†hoodie sweater you are missing out on one of the warmest, most comfortable and snuggly sweater out there. With a variety of¬†colours it can be hard to choose just one!

So there it is, my top 5 items that I cannot live without in my closet! Have any I have missed and you would like to share? Please leave a comment!

Visit TranquiliT and Lululemon for comfortable and chic clothing on the go.